Enjoying Surfing in Ubrug Beach, Mandalika Lombok Island - Indonesia

Even though not all people have heard about Lombok Island in Indonesia, many passionate travelers have included it in the list of top world’s vacation destinations. The question is what makes the island special? The most recognizable one is definitely the beaches. One of them is located in Mandalika Tourist Spot called Ubrug. The location is in the south part of the island and it features amazing waves. No wonder, lots of tourists come to the site to enjoy surfing and other challenging water sports. Another popular thing to do in Ubrug is to stay in the resort, which is quite comfortable and peaceful.

The Nuance
Despite the big waves, the beach also features a peaceful spot for relaxing. It is in the nearby resort where people usually spend a night or two with their families. In that location, the sea water is blue and clear! The next important feature of the beach is definitely the hilly areas that come with dense trees. People often climb up to the hills to conduct trekking and enjoying the nature, actually. When it comes to the weather, the wind feels peaceful and comfortable. Some people are also impressed with the Zephyr, which provides tranquility regardless of the season.

Exploring Ubrug Beach
It is without a doubt the best activity to do in Ubrug Beach is surfing. Thanks to the presence of big waves. That means it is suitable for professional surfers who love challenges and new experiences. What about those who cannot surf? Well, they have many alternatives including beach walking, relaxation, staying in the resort, and simply gather with families on the beach. Do not forget to carry a camera, though. It would be a waste if they miss the stunning panorama of the beach.

In the last decade, Mandalika Tourist Spot has been chosen as the center of attraction in Lombok City. In this case, Ubrug Beach becomes one of the top choices when it comes to a vacation. Some people even say it is the representation of south beaches, featuring great waves for surfing. Not only the beach is popular with the locals, but it has been attracting foreign tourists as well. Most of them want to try conquering those waves, after all.

The best tip to pay attention when visiting Ubrug Beach is related to the season. During holidays and weekends, both transportation and accommodation fees would go up significantly. In order to avoid spending too much money, it is better to consider coming during working days. As an alternative, they must learn how to bargain. Some locals are okay with it and they often give discounts to tourists, as well.

Nearby Attractions

  • Mandalika Beach
  • Sangkareang Park

How to Get There
The easiest way to reach Ubrug Beach is from Mandalika. For those coming from Mataram City, they can take a bus and directly head to the location. It takes about 1 hour or can be faster than that. During holidays, more tourists are seen in Lombok so the trip may take longer due to the high traffic.

Where to Stay

  • Novotel
  • Minabi Hotel
  • Maktal Hotel
  • Narmada Park

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