Mawun Beach in Mawun Village, Central Lombok Regency - Indonesia

Lombok Island offers almost unlimited options of beaches for tourists to visit. In Central Lombok Regency of Indonesia, for example, a good place for witnessing sun views is available and it is called Mawun Beach. As the name suggests, the beach is located in Mawun Village and it belongs to a series of the south beaches of Lombok Island including Kuta and Are Guling Beach. On regular days, the beach is crowded by the locals who want to see either the sunrise or sunset. Some of them also come to Mawun to enjoy swimming or other relaxing activities during the weekend.

The Nuance
Mawun Beach has the potential to replace Mandalika or other famous beaches in Lombok Island as the prime tourist attraction of the region. The reason is none other than the presence of many stunning features that surround it. For example, it is related to the shape. The beach is part of a local cape and has the shape of a horseshoe. Next, it resides between two hills, which makes it unique a bit secluded. When it comes to the sand, the east and middle part of the shoreline features super soft sand. In the west part, though, the sand features coral fragments and make it a little bit rough for beach walking.

Exploring Mawun Beach
For those looking for a steeper area, they should come to the middle part of the beach. The site also features stronger waves than both the east and west part of Mawun Beach. Despite the difference, the whole beach has beautiful blue sea and white sand. That means it is suitable for both relaxation and conducting a family vacation. Apart from relaxing, tourists come to Mawun to conquer the waves! Thus, surfing is recommended for those who have both the skills and passion to do it. 

Even though Mawun Beach is well-known among tourists, not many people are seen there. In fact, no local vendors come to the site to sell their products. This peaceful condition helps visitors to relax and find peace during weekends. The fact is that some foreigners take advantage of such tranquility to conduct sunbathing! They come at the perfect weather and lie on the sand under the heat of the sun.

Swimming is also a good fun activity to do in Mawun Beach. Still, tourists should be careful as the waves are big and some part of the beach is quite steep. Not to mention no guards are seen on the location. As for the alternative, they can conduct a short trekking to the two nearby hills that surround the beach. The route is challenging and the trekking is a little bit tiring, though. Still, the views on the top of those hills are second to none.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
It is true the beach is located in Mawun Village. From Mataram City, tourists’ first destination is Pujut Sub-District. Even though it is a short trip, the route is considered challenging due to the presence of some holes on the street. Have no worries. Such issue won’t affect the satisfaction provided by the beach later.

Where to Stay

  • D’Praya Lombok Hotel
  • The Jayakarta Lombok
  • Kila Senggigi
  • Aerotel Mandalika

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