Mekaki Beach in Central Sekotong Sub-District, Indonesia

It is likely Lombok Island never runs out of beaches for tourists to visit. In Central Sekotong Sub-District, for example, they can find a serene beach called Mekaki. The location is in Raya Memayi Street and it belongs to West Lombok Regency, Indonesia. Even though it is not as famous as Senggigi or Mandalika Beach, it has similar beauty and attractions to them. It is without a doubt most of the tourists come to the site to witness the beauty of the beach and enjoy relaxation. Some people also decide to explore Mekaki in order to conduct photography!

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Mekaki Beach features white sand and moderate waves. Both the right and left part of the shoreline feature green hills, too. Along the way to the location, tourists might see a formation of local farms, gilis, and the blue sea! What is next? It is the breezy and warm wind that may rejuvenate everyone’s feeling when spending a vacation at the beach. Even the sea water feels so nice during the good weather. In this case, make sure to come in summer or any other time except rainy season.

Exploring Mekaki Beach
The first reason why tourists keep coming to Mekaki is the trip itself. It is because visitors can enjoy lush nature along the way to the site. These include the hills, farms, and some small islands like Gili Penyu, Nanggu, and Gede. The closer people get to the beach, the more interesting the views are! Not to mention the route is challenging but accessible. Once tourists reach the beach, they might see a unique shape of the shoreline (which is similar to a crescent moon).

Sightseeing and relaxation become two most popular activities to do in Mekaki Beach. Hearing the sound of calm waves and witnessing green Tosca sea water is indeed soothing! On top of that, some shells are seen scattered on the shoreline, adding up the charm of the beach. With all those attraction, visitors would be impressed and feel peaceful during the visit! Many people choose Mekaki as the place to eradicate stresses and get rid of tiredness, in fact. They simply sit on the white sand while staring at the sea in a peaceful manner.

What is next? Visitors can opt for photography. In this case, they must carry a camera or other similar equipment to enjoy such activity. As for the objects, they can choose many things like hills, waves, people, scallops, and much more! As an alternative, selfies are also recommended there. What about facilities? Mekaki does not feature any toilets and food vendors, so visitors should have prepared everything before coming to the beach.

Nearby Attractions

  • Desert Point
  • South Gili Dive Zone
  • Gili Gede

How to Get There
The first destination is Sekotong Sub-District and tourists can reach it from Mataram City for about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The distance is 60 km so it won’t take much time to get there. Once they get to Sekotong, the next destination is definitely the beach which only takes about several minutes (10 km in distance).

Where to Stay

  • Secret Island Resort
  • Pearl Beach Resort
  • Coral Palms 

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