Tomang Beach in Penunjak Village, Central Lombok Regency - Indonesia

Travelers have a reason in visiting Central Lombok Regency, which is to explore all the beaches. In this case, they must have recognized about the popularity of Penunjak Village in Indonesia. The reason is that several stunning beaches are located in that area and one of them is called Tomang. The location is near to Selong Belanak Beach, which is in the east part of it. The beach also resides near to a famous villa called Sempiak. Due to its secluded location, visitors can take advantage of its peaceful atmosphere for sightseeing and relaxation.

The Nuance
The most famous characteristic of Tomang Beach is the big waves. Even though swimming is allowed, tourists must pay more attention to their safety. At least, they must be good in swimming and know the risk of the activity. The next feature of the beach is the brown sand that comes with a soft texture. Not to mention a big hill or coral reef resides in the left part of the shoreline. Another fact is that the beach resides near to a local settlement, which is about 200 meters apart. Here is the unique part. The village features traditional houses that are made of bamboos.

Exploring Tomang Beach
As mentioned before, Tomang Beach is famous for its big waves. Both swimming and snorkeling are possible but are not recommended for beginners. What is next? Surfing can be a good option for those who are good in it and have prepared the surfboard beforehand. One thing, it is better to avoid surfing near to the shoreline due to the presence of big rocks on it. Also, it is better to look for information from the locals regarding the best spot for surfing. Being safe during the vacation is a must, after all.

Apart from water sports, Tomang Beach often becomes a place for sightseeing. Witnessing the strong waves during the good weather is somehow satisfying. For better views, tourists must go up to the nearby hill where Sempiak Villa resides. From the site, the view of the sea looks more amusing and the wind feels more comfortable! On top of that, they have an opportunity to witness the beauty of the sunset.

It is true Tomang is not the only beach in Penunjak Village. However, it is the best choice for those who love a challenging activity like surfing. In fact, photography is also popular on the site. People usually look for the best angle to capture the sunset and other famous attractions like waves and other visitors. In this case, the best spot to capture such interesting views is near to the villa (the nearby hill). Make sure to approach it carefully, though.

Nearby Attractions

  • Selong Belanak Beach
  • Serangan Beach
  • Mawi Beach
  • Narmada Temple
  • Meru Temple

How to Get There
The prime checkpoint is Mataram City. From there, travelers only need to spend an hour to reach West Praya Sub-District as the distance is approximately 33 km. Next, they need to head to Penunjak Village and walk to the beach right away.

Where to Stay

  • Golden Palace Hotel
  • Werdhi Guesthouse
  • Aerotel Hotel
  • Sempiak Villa

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