Enjoying The Wide Green Field from The Top of Sasak Mountain

Lombok is one of the Island that is growing to be the center of tourism in the central part of Indonesia. The island itself is very rich with different kind of natural landscapes. Beaches are the main attraction of this island, and just so you know, there are also hundreds of beautiful waterfalls, hills, mountains, and villages that hold great amount of natural and cultural value as well. A mountain that is starting to gain popularity among travelers is Sasak Mountain. More citizen of Lombok acknowledges this place, and spread the news about it. In the meantime, this place is recognized more by Indonesian travelers but slowly gain more exposure which increases its popularity.

Mt. Sasak Lombok is located in Kuripan, one of the region in Gerung, West Lombok. In order to refreshing your mind or doing the short escape to unwind, Mt. Sasak is one of the recommended places you can consider among other. The height of this mountain is relatively low which is 180 above the sea level. Freshening your eyes by seeing the wide green landscape from the rice field and the trees may give you another energy to face the next busy day in work.

Other than the beautiful green landscape, while you are visiting the Sasak Mountain, you will be mesmerized by the horizon right in front of you. It gives you the view of the border of Lombok from east to west. More, when you visit during the early morning, you also have a chance to witness the sunrise and splendidly enjoy the creation of God.

How to get there:
From Mataram, the capital city of Lombok you can reach this place by going through the bypass route from BIL (Bandara Interntional Lombok). After following the route, you can see the sign of Desa Kuripan (Kuripan Village) on the right side of the road. The entrance that leads to Gunung Sasak is located in Dusun Iting.

Travelers should walk through the village, but most people prefer motorbikes because it’s faster. Even though the route itself isn’t too far, the texture of the road is very challenging. It is recommended to wear helmets and use the motorbikes slowly for the reason of safety. Following the route, you should go further to find a bridge that is called as The Bridge of Love. You can also see rice fields and river on our sides. After passing the bridge you have to go through a narrow road with bamboo trees in your left and right. Besides the rice field, river, and bamboo forest you can also see some villagers collecting sand.

To reach the top Gunung Sasak, we have to walk through the trekking route. This trekking route of Gunung Sasak is mainly a rocky road with bushes on the sides. We can also see a lot of fruit trees that the villagers planted, such as banana, mango, jackfruit, cassava, and some other crops. It is quite easy to reach the top. People should opt to wear shoes or comfortable footwear. As you climb higher to the top, you could see the view of the city.

On top of Gunung Sasak, we will find some interesting monuments. There is a monument that had been signed by a previous vice president of Indonesia. Even though the villagers don’t really know the purpose of the monument, you can assume that Gunung Sasak was a special place. You can also see “Batu Kemeras” (Stone Kemeras), it’s a big stone totem that is used by Hindu people for praying.

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