Tete Batu Village in Keruak Sub-District, Lombok Island - Indonesia

With lots of tourist attractions, Lombok Island should be in the prime list of places to visit during holidays in Indonesia. Even visiting the local villages is worth thousands of experiences. For instance, tourists can go to Tete Batu Village in Keruak / Sikut Sub-District. It belongs to East Lombok Regency Indonesia. Visitors often come to the village to enjoy the nature, witness Rinjani Mountain, and visit some good spots for relaxation. Not to mention the weather is quite nice and refreshing! That means the village is suitable for a family vacation and finding peace.

The Nuance
What about the nuance? That is the question. Once tourists arrive at the village, they might see a beautiful panorama which is the formation of paddy farms! In the horizon, a majestic mountain (Rinjani) resides beautifully. The fact is that Tete Batu is located in the south part of the mountain and resides about 700 meters above the sea level. The other important features are the forest, hills, and waterfalls. With all those natural attractions, no one would feel bored when spending holidays in the village.

Exploring Tete Batu Village
Foreign tourists or strangers do not have to feel uncomfortable when getting around Tete Batu Village. Thanks to the friendliness of the villagers. The locals help everyone regarding the route or tourist information, after all. Not to mention it is possible to communicate and learn about their culture. The fact is that most of the villagers work as a farmer. They own paddy and tobacco fields, as well. For tourists, visiting the fields and witnessing the routines of the locals are good things to do during the exploration.

The next popular activity to do in Tete Batu Village is trekking. Many spots are suitable to conduct such activity, after all. For instance, a route is available to reach nearby famous waterfall called Ulem-Ulem. Along the way to the location, tourists might encounter several black monkeys which are both cute and calm. Have no worries. They do not disturb people. The best thing about trekking is that tourists can find some huts which they can use for resting during the adventure.

What is next? Rafting is also popular there. Make sure to come at the right time, though. It is because the activity won’t start if not many people attend it. Another thing to do in Tete Batu Village is agrotourism. As mentioned before, many farms are available in the location. The most famous production is called “Pala” or nutmeg. Tourists are allowed to eat it right away or buy some for their families as souvenirs.

Nearby Attractions

  • Ulem-Ulem Waterfall
  • Rinjani Mountain
  • Sedang Gile Waterfall
  • Telaga Mountain

How to Get There
The village belongs to Sikut Sub-District. That means the trip takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes from Mataram City or the capital of Lombok, Indonesia. The distance is 47.1 km, actually. As for the best route to use, they can choose Raya Mataram – Labuan Street. Have no worries. Many local transportation services are available.

Where to Stay

  • Sembalun Agro Villa
  • Green Orry Inn
  • Soedjono Hotel
  • Verve Villa

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