Gili Lontar in West Lombok Regency, Indonesia

One of the best gilis to visit in Lombok Island is called Gili Lontar. It is located in West Sekotong Sub-District and belongs to Sekotong Sub-District in Indonesia. The question is what makes Lontar different than others? Some tourists have recognized the beauty of the beach, where they can spend weekends or holidays. As compared to other islands, Gili Lontar is considered more crowded and merrier. That means it is suitable for those who want to experience a vacation with other visitors or simply to make new friends during the visit. Here is further information regarding the island.

The Nuance
The island has the size of approximately 3.3 hectares, featuring low land and shorelines. As mentioned before, Gili Lontar has a charming beach with the sand white and it comes with a soft texture. Next, it is related to the sea. The water looks so soothing and luring! It attracts tourists to get in the water and enjoy activities like snorkeling. However, the corals and fishes are not as many as other gilis. Another important fact is about the weather, which has a higher rainfall than other areas. Therefore, tourists should come at the right time (during the hot season) in order to avoid heavy rain during the holiday.

Exploring Gili Lontar
The island has no inhabitants, so tourists should have prepared any equipment beforehand to explore Gili Lontar. These include the foods, drinks, snorkeling gear, and a camera. Not to mention they need some money to rent a boat for crossing the sea or visiting nearby gilis. The only problem is that no toilets are available on the island. Even no pier resides in Gili Lontar. That means spending hours or a day is not recommended as tourists are not allowed to pee in nature.

What is the next charm of Gili Lontar? It is the ecosystem! The island features dense vegetation and trees, after all. These include the most dominant one called Resede Trees. If tourists go to the middle of the island, they can find an open area that comes with grasses and weeds. It is the spot where tourists often take selfies and rest a while during their adventure on the island.

Another activity tourists can enjoy in Gili Lontar is to play on the white sand beach. To be exact, the sand looks pinky due to the presence of the scrub of dead corals. Many types of activities can be done on the beach like parasailing, sunbathing, swimming, scuba diving, banana boat riding, and even fishing! Despite lacking facilities, Gili Lontar never disappoints tourists with those available activities.

Nearby Attractions

  • Desert Point
  • South Gili Dive Zone
  • Gili Gede
  • Bangko-Bangko Natural Tourism

How to Get There
In order to reach Gili Lontar, tourists usually come from Mataram City and their destination is Sekotong Sub-District in Indonesia. The trip takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes as the distance is 60 km. Later, they need to use a boat to cross the sea and head to the island right away. Here is one thing. The fee for the boat service goes up during holidays, though.

Where to Stay

  • Secret Island Resort
  • Pearl Beach Resort
  • Coral Palms

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