Loang Baloq Beach in Mataram City, Lombok Island - Indonesia

Mataram City is central of Lombok Island and becomes the capital of such beautiful island. Not to mention it offers many good tourist attractions for everyone. For those who love beaches in Indonesia, they must spend their next vacation to a sophisticated beach called Loang Baloq. The site is famous for a family recreation due to its cleanliness and good facilities. On top of that, the sunset looks the best there! Such comfortable and romantic nuance definitely may hypnotize everyone who comes to the beach. Here is further discussion regarding Loang Baloq.

The Nuance
Located in the heart of Lombok Island (Mataram City), the beach gets lots of attention either from government and tourists. No wonder, visitors are satisfied with both the facilities and hygiene of the site. In fact, some gazebos are available and they are located in the park near to the shoreline. Those are the best spot to enjoy either sunrise or sunset, as well. Near to the park, a beautiful man-made lake is also seen and the shape is similar to Lombok Island. In the afternoon, the sun is reflected beautifully on the surface of the lake! Make sure not to miss such phenomenon.

Exploring Loang Baloq Beach
The best reason to visit Loang Baloq Beach is to relax. Those who have spent tiring days for working should consider relieving their stresses by visiting the beach, for sure. It is as simple as walking on the white sand and gazing at the sea scenery. As for the tip, tourists should come either in the morning or afternoon. Not to only they can see the sunrise or sunset, they can avoid the heat of the sun at noon. The fact is that the temperature becomes too hot in Loang Baloq at noon! If not, tourists should stay in the gazebos while waiting for the right time to explore the beach.

The next reason why many tourists visit the beach is the presence of the famous sacred Loang Baloq Tomb. 3 different tombs reside near to the site and they belong to Datuk Laut, Maulana Syech Gaus, and Anak Yatim. It only takes about several minutes from the beach by walking, so everyone can approach the tomb complex easily. As for the tip, make sure to come during Islamic holidays as it is considered the best time to do pilgrimage.

Another tip is that tourists should come during local festivals. At the time, the locals come to the beach, build tents, and a performance stage. Some local artists perform beautifully while the others provide “tumpeng” (gratitude foods) to the guests. Not to mention some local competitions are held during the event. Do not forget to carry a camera, though!

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
It is easy to reach Loang Baloq Beach because the location is only 3 km apart from Mataram City Indonesia. That means tourists only need to spend several minutes to get to the site, which can even be faster if they come by a private vehicle through Panji Tilar Negara Street.

Where to Stay

  • Mataram Square Hotel
  • Grand Madani Hotel
  • Lombok Garden Hotel
  • Santika Hotel

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