Grandiose Mandalika Grand Mosque in Central Lombok Regency

Being the part of West Nusa Tenggara Province, Lombok Island keeps attracting tourists from other regions or even countries. Many beautiful tourist destinations reside there including beaches, hills, villages, and mosques. For those who are looking for a religious tour, a recommended reference is available called Mandalika Mosque. The location is in Pujut Sub-District and it belongs to Central Lombok Regency. Due to its size and majestic appearance, tourists often make it a background for their photography. Not to mention they are interested in exploring the mosque and witnessing its great design.

The Nuance
The location of Mandalika Grand Mosque is near to body water or the river. It also has an easy access so everyone can reach it easily. In terms of design, the mosque features a big dome installed in the center of the room. It is surrounded by towers and has the color of brownish. On top of that, the size of the mosque is definitely big and spacious. Next, it offers astonishing illumination throughout all parts of the mosque. When entering the building, visitors would feel like in the Nabawi Mosque!

Exploring Mandalika Grand Mosque
For the locals, the mosque indeed becomes a place for worshiping. It becomes crowded especially during Fridays and big Islamic events. What about tourists? Well, they can come anytime as long as they do not disturb the worshipers. It is even possible to conduct photography or exploration. What they must pay attention is to avoid making loud noises or littering. Mandalika Grand Mosque is a holy place so everyone should be able to retain its cleanliness and beauty. Even visitors should take off their footwear before entering the building. It is the basic rule, after all.

Being a destination for a religious tour in Central Lombok Regency, Mandalika Grand Mosque would keep visitors intake. Apart from photography and sightseeing, the mosque is suitable to hold a big event like “pengajian”. Tourists can even take part of the event and get a new experience with the locals. They do not have to be a Muslim in order to come to the mosque, actually. Visitors only need to respect the locals who are doing worshiping on the site. If necessary, they must obtain the permit prior to exploring the building.

Both the exterior and interior of Mandalika Grand Mosque are amazing! That means tourists can even enjoy witnessing the structure from the outside. In the afternoon, in fact, several food vendors come to the area and sell their products. These include grilled corns, snacks, drinks, etc. The nuance even becomes merrier at night, when the young people gather near to the mosque to socialize.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The distance between Mataram City and Pujut Sub-District is about 43.7 km. That means travelers need to take about 1 hour to reach Mandalika Grand Mosque from the capital of Lombok. Another important info is related to the best route, which is Lombok International Airport Bypass Street.

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  • Mira Arsita Hotel
  • Dmax Hotel
  • Kuta Indah Hotel

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