Tanjung Ringgit Beach in Jerowaru Sub-District, Lombok Island - Indonesia

It is without a doubt Lombok Island Indonesia becomes the best reference when it comes to beaches. In Jerowaru Sub-District, for the example, tourists can find Tanjung Ringgit Beach. The location is in Lingkok Siwak Street and it belongs to Pemongkong Village. In terms geographic, the beach is included in East Lombok Regency and has been visited by lots of tourists over time. Despite lacking accessibility, no one gets discouraged when it is about spending a vacation in Tanjung Ringgit. Not to mention they can choose different types of vehicle to reach the site including a bike, motorcycle, and a car.

The Nuance
Once tourists arrive at the beach, they might see a beautiful and serene atmosphere. It is true the shoreline is not quite long but the other features of the beach are definitely attractive. The beach also features small hills that surround it. Tourists often climb up to those hills and enjoy the sea scenery from above. A small tree (which is the icon of the hills) is chosen as the spot to enjoy sightseeing, actually. Tourists may sit down under the tree while witnessing such view of nature.

Exploring Tanjung Ringgit Beach
The best thing related to Tanjung Ringgit Beach is definitely the beauty of nature. This explains why most of the tourists come to the site for sightseeing. The most noticeable charm is the steep valleys that surround the beach, looking like a natural fort. What is more? The next charm is definitely the waves. They look so peaceful and luring, which also often become an object for photography. Even though swimming is allowed in Tanjung Ringgit, not many people do it as they are satisfied enough with the panorama of the beach.

Tanjung Ringgit Beach is also recognized for the history. According to the locals, the beach became a secondary base used by the Japanese Army during the World War II. No wonder, some reminiscences of the Nippon reside in the location including the cannon and hiding caves. These historical objects are located in the north part of the beach, actually. The thing is that it takes several minutes to get to the location. Despite the effort, witnessing those objects would be worth the experience. Tourists are allowed to take pictures of them, too.

In a nutshell, Tanjung Ringgit Beach is suitable for numerous types of tourist activities like swimming, photography, and relaxation. Some locals, though, come to the beach for camping! They choose a particular spot on the nearby hill to build the tent and spend the night. The only consideration is that the beach features strong and cold wind, so tourists should wear comfortable clothes when camping or doing other activities on the site.

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How to Get There
Tanjung Ringgit Beach resides in the north part of Lombok Island in Indonesia. From Mataram City, travelers can directly head to Jerowaru Sub-District. The trip may take about 2 hours as the distance is 73.1 km. As for the best route, they can take Lombok International Airport Bypass Street. Once arriving at Jerowaru, the next destination is Pemongkong Village (where the beach resides).

Where to Stay

  • Ekas Breaks Inn
  • Bumbangku Beach Cottages
  • Karar Lombok Boutique Hotel

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