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It is a wonderful experience to spend a vacation in Lombok Island Indonesia. Apart from visiting the beaches, many fun activities can be done as well. Those who love culture and history, they must consider visiting a famous park in Mataram City which is called Mayura! Actually, the park’s main feature is the temple and it was built in 1744 by King Made Karangasem. To be exact, the location is in Purbasari Village and it belongs to Mataram City. Most of the visitors come to the location either to enjoy the nuance or explore the temple with their families. No wonder, the park has been included in one of the best vacation destinations in Lombok!

The Nuance
According to the history, Mayura Temple was built during the reign of Bali Kingdom. At the time, the name was Kelepug Park, inspired by the sound of water that falls on the pond. Later, the Ngurah Karangasem renovated the temple, changed its name, and built a park in the area. The name Mayura came from Sansekerta Language, actually. It has the meaning of a “peacock”. The reason was the presence of many snakes back then and the locals decide to breed peacocks in order to get rid of the snakes. Apart from the temple, the other features of the site are a serene pond, vegetations, trees, gazebos, and some statue ornaments.

Exploring Mayura Park
People have different reasons for visiting Mayura Park. For example, they want to enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. Not only it is famous for its serenity, but the park also gives a historical and religious ambiance. Here is an important thing to know. The site provides two major areas, which is the park and the temple area. For those who want to relax, they should visit the park! It is the place where they can find a pond a famous structure called Rat Kerte (a place for gathering).

The next important area is definitely the temple. The locals say it is the main charm of the site, in fact. The location is a little bit secluded, but it consists of 4 main temples called Ngelurah, Gedong (Jagad Rana), Padmasana, and Gunung Rinjani. The one that is used for a ritual is Gedong Temple and it would be closed for tourists during special events or rituals.

Not only Hindu People, Mayura Park (Temple) is also famous among all tourists. It becomes the place where visitors can enjoy both the history and beauty of the site, after all. The only consideration is that tourists must not come during big days like Kuningan or Galungan. Otherwise, they are not allowed to explore the temple. For further information regarding the schedule of the events or history of the site, they can talk to the guard who often stays in Bale Pawedan.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The park resides near to Cakranegara and it is accessible either by local transportation services or private vehicles. The distance between the site and Mataram City is only 5 km so the trip takes about 20 minutes or less, through Pejanggik Street.

Where to Stay

  • Artha Hotel
  • Lombok Plaza Hotel
  • Oka Homestay
  • Santika Hotel

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