Bange Beach in Sekotong Sub-District, West Lombok Regency - Indonesia

Some passionate travelers might have recognized the charm of beaches of Lombok Island, Indonesia. For those who are looking for a new reference, they can choose Bange Beach. It is located near to Nambung Beach and belongs to Sekotong Sub-District. Even though it is not as popular as Nambung, the beach has the charm other beaches do not have. It is the secluded location! Not only it is considered the most peaceful beach, but it becomes the best place to witness sea scenery from the Bange Cliff. With such charm, it is likely more tourists are going to recognize the beach soon.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Bange is quieter than its neighbor (Nambung Beach). The next recognizable characteristic of the beach is the presence a famous cliff where tourists can approach. From the cliff, people can see more majestic views of the beach and feel a more soothing wind at noon. Even the waves look cute from there. Even though it takes much effort to reach the site, the lure of the sea scenery won’t stop people to reach the cliff. It is the best part of the beach, after all.

Exploring Bange Beach
The prime activity to do in Bange Beach is to climb the cliff and witness the best views from above. Tourists should pay attention to some precautions, though. For example, it is related to their footwear. The landscape is challenging so it is better to wear something with a good grip and feel comfortable. For those coming at noon, they must consider wearing a hat or applying sunblock to their skin. Another tip is that they must carry a camera or smartphone to take some pictures once they arrive at the location.

What about water sports? Is Bange Beach suitable for swimming and surfing? Well, the locals would not recommend those activities due to the presence of big corals and rocks that surround the shoreline. Thus, it is better not to take the risk. Instead, tourists should consider a safer activity like sightseeing or photography. Somehow, the nuance is good for a family vacation! People can carry some snacks or drinks and enjoy them on the cliff while watching the sea scenery.

It does not have to be expensive foods. A picnic on Bange Beach feels better with local foods, instead. As for the tip, tourists should consider buying local snacks like Wajik, Jaje Reket, Goro-Goro, Renggi, Nagasari, and Tumbek. The best thing is their price is quite affordable. They are available in Mataram City or nearby regions, so tourists must have bought them before visiting Bange.

Nearby Attractions

  • Bange Cliff
  • Nambung Beach
  • Pengatap Beach

How to Get There
Once travelers have arrived at Mataram City, their next destination is Sekotong Sub-District. It can be done by any local transportation service and takes about 2 hours. The distance between Mataram and Sekotong is about 61 km and the traffic is considered moderate. For a faster trip, tourists need to use the right route or ride a better transportation service.

Where to Stay

  • Secret Island Resort
  • Pearl Beach Resort
  • Coral Palm

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