Sepi Cape in Sekotong Sub-District, West Lombok Regency - Indonesia

Sekotong Sub-District is part of Lombok Island and it is famous among travelers due to many options of beaches and natural attractions. As for the reference, it is Sepi Cape! Sepi means “tranquil or peaceful”, actually. As the name suggests, the site offers a serene nuance and beautiful scenery of the sea. The location is near to Blongas Cape so it shares similar beauty and characteristics. To be exact, the cape resides in Buwun Mas Village. People usually come to the site for fishing, witnessing mangroves, and playing on the white sand.

The Nuance
Sepi Cape suits travelers’ need when it comes to relaxation and water sports. First, it has stunning white sand on which tourists often conduct beach walking. The next feature is the formation of mangroves that grow in some parts of the beach. What about the sea? Well, it has calm waves so tourists can get in the water for swimming or simply playing in it. Due to the tranquility of the site, tourists might feel they are spending a vacation in a private beach for sure. Somehow, it helps them to relieve stresses!

Exploring Sepi Cape
As the name implies, almost no one can be seen on the site especially during the working days. It is a good thing as tourists can enjoy the holiday without any disturbance. It can be as simple as installing a mat on the beach and watch the sea scenery. It even feels more comfortable if it is done by listening to some music and eating snacks. What a peaceful activity! Not to mention the wind feels breezy and warm. One thing, it must be done at the right time which is usually in the morning or afternoon (when the weather is nice).

Photography is the next famous activity to do in Sepi Cape. Thanks to numerous available attractions. These include the serene sea, hills, and mangroves. Those objects often become a background for those who want to take great selfies, actually. This explains why almost all visitors never forget to carry their camera when visiting Sepi. It is a prime item for travelers, after all. The more advanced the quality of the camera is the better as it helps capture the best pictures.

What is next? Sepi Cape is chosen for its good fishing spot. Tourists can simply conduct fishing in the tip of the cape. However, they can also rent a boat and go further to the sea for better catches. Have no worries. After getting tired of enjoying all the activities, tourists can relax on nearby inns and eat foods at the restaurant. It is a good thing that the site provides those facilities to visitors.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Bangko-Bangko Natural Tourism
  • Gili Goleng

How to Get There
Sepi Cape belongs to Sekotong Sub-District. That means travelers need to spend about 2 hours to reach the site from Mataram City. The distance is 51.2 km and they can take Raya Sekotong – Lemba Street for a faster trip.

Where to Stay

  • Coral Palms
  • Kokomo Gili Gede
  • Secret Island Resort

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