Gunung Pujut Old Mosque in Lombok Island, Indonesia

Is it true Lombok Island is suitable for a religious tour? Well, some tourists do not know that a historical and valuable mosque resides in such beautiful island. It is Gunung Pujut Old Mosque, which was the part of the influence of Islam in the past. Today, the mosque becomes the part of Lombok Tourism and has been attracting visitors as the time goes by. As the name suggests, the location is in Pujut Sub-District and it belongs to Sengkol Village, Center Lombok District. Tourists can learn the history of the mosque, and do other activities like photography or simply exploring the structure!

The Nuance
Despite the age, Gunung Pujut Mosque remains beautiful and unique. The size of the structure is 8.6 x 8.6 m and it is made of mainly reeds and bamboos. Once tourists get in the mosque, they might see 4 prime poles and about 27 sub-poles. Apart from a place of worship, the complex was used as the place to conduct formal Islamic rituals called Wetu Telu. Unfortunately, such activity was no more. No wonder, the locals consider Gunung Pujut as the dead monument or simply a tourist spot for those who are visiting Sengkol Village.

Exploring Gunung Pujut Old Mosque
The main charm of Gunung Pujut Old Mosque is the sacredness. The location is on a hill and it emits a mysterious aura. Apart from the main structure, tourists can see other constructions on the site. According to the locals, people used to perform a ritual there. A “Pemangku” or respected person would lead the ceremony and read the spell regarding the rite. Even though it was a mosque, some Hindu also came to the site to do worshipping!

The next thing visitors can do in Gunung Pujut Old Mosque is to learn the history of it. It is said the mosque is the part of the spread of Islam religion in Lombok Island. The structure was built during the reign of Meraje Olem. He was also influenced by Wali Songo and decided to embrace Islam. No wonder, he built the mosque to show his respect and dedication. With his faithful follower (Wali Yatok), he spread Islam to his people and nearby regions. The complete story can be learned from either the locals or tour guide, actually.

Another fun activity to do in Gunung Pujut Old Mosque is photography. All parts of the mosque are worth a photo shoot, after all. The thing is visitors must not cause troubles inside the structure. Not to mention they should take care of the environment (no littering). Another consideration is that they must come with a local guide who can show the route and explore the structure in the right manner.

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How to Get There
From Mataram City, tourists only need to take about 1 hour to reach Sengkol Village and the distance is 40.3 km. It can be faster if they use the right route, which is Lombok International Airport Bypass Street.

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