Nambung Beach in Sekotong Sub-District, Indonesia

An adventure in Lombok Island is worth of thousands of experiences. It is because the island offers different types of beaches on which everyone can visit. As for the reference, Nambung Beach resides in Sekotong Sub-District. The beach belongs to West Lombok Regency, actually. To be exact, the location is near to Buwun Emas Village. The other name of the beach is Tanjung Jagog and it becomes a good destination for getting closer to nature and conduct fun activities like photography, surfing, and exploration. Here is further information regarding such unique beach.

The Nuance
Featuring big waves and soft-textured sand, Nambung always satisfies visitors. It is true some part of the beach features strong waves, but the rest is considered calm. In term of the size of the shoreline, it is considered vast. Not to mention the beach is surrounded by big hills. Those are the best location to see the icon of Nambung, which is the saltwater waterfall. It is not a waterfall per se, but the flows of sea water formed due to the splash of the big waves on the corals. What is next? A formation of seaweed scatters on the shoreline too, which often becomes an object of photography.

Exploring Nambung Beach
A word represents Nambung Beach, which is exoticness. Thanks to the presence of the saltwater waterfall, corals, big waves, and other features actually. Not to mention a natural pond is formed during the low tide. It is located in the back of the big corals and it is quite accessible as long as tourists come at the right time. With such kind of attraction, tourists must never forget to carry a camera and take good pictures of those objects.

Nambung Beach often becomes a location to enjoy surfing, too! The reason is none other than the big waves and strong wind of the sea. What about swimming? Well, it is not recommended due to unsafe waves. As an alternative, tourists can conduct a common local activity which is fishing! Nambung is famous for the abundant fishes, coming with various types of sea creatures. Even the locals are often seen on the location to catch fishes. For a more fun activity, snorkeling is recommended (as long as it is done with proper equipment).

Perhaps the best charm of Nambung Beach is the saltwater waterfall. The only issue is related to how people can reach the site. It can be done by hiring a local boat, though. Have no worries. The price is affordable and it only takes several minutes. Not to mention tourists can use the boat to explore the whole area of the beach in one go.

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How to Get There
Tourists can take either a private or public transportation to reach Nambung Beach. First, they should depart from Mataram City and head to Sekotong Sub-District. The trip takes about 2 hours and the distance is 60 km. When it comes to the best route, it is Raya Sekotong Street. Once they reach Sekotong, the next destination is Buwun Emas Village. The beach is only several minutes apart from the village.

Where to Stay

  • Secret Island Resort
  • Pearl Beach Resort
  • Coral Palms

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