Cemara Beach in Jerowaru Sub-District, East Lombok Regency - Indonesia

For those looking for references of beaches in Lombok, the best region to visit is perhaps Jerowaru Sub-District. It is the spot where tourists can find a series of beach including Cemara. This tranquil beach is located in Pemongkong Village and belongs to East Lombok Regency, Indonesia. Cemara means “Pines” and it is chosen as the spot to relax or swimming among travelers. Furthermore, some people come to the beach to do other activities like photography and beach walking. It is because they are impressed by the soft texture of the shoreline, on which they can walk barefoot comfortably.

The Nuance
As mentioned above, the beach features soft-textured sand and it comes with the white color! It is even possible to conduct sunbathing on the site without worrying about getting uncomfortable. What is more? As the name suggests (Pine Beach), tourists might find many pines on some parts of it. This formation of trees adds up both the comfort and beauty of the beach, for sure. Not to mention tourists can relax under them to avoid the heat of the sun at noon.

Exploring Cemara Beach
It is true, not many tourists have heard about Cemara Beach in Indonesia, but the number of visitors keeps increasing as the time goes by. The reason is none other than the impression given by the beach, which makes tourists come back for the next experience. The question is what people can do in the location. Most of them come to the beach to spend a family vacation. They simply walk around the beach and feel the soft texture of stunning white sand. For a family with kids, they usually carry a mat and install them near to the shoreline (during the good weather).

Due to the calm waves of the beach, tourists are allowed to get in the water and play in it. Not to mention they can enjoy swimming to their heart’s content. Even kids can enjoy such activity as long as they are under parents’ supervision. As for the tip, it is better to come to the beach either in the morning or afternoon. It is because the temperature can be quite hot at noon and may disturb the fun of the activities. On the other hand, coming either in the morning or afternoon provides fresher and more comfortable atmosphere to tourists.

Photography becomes the next reason why tourists come to Cemara Beach. Not only the beach provides lush pine trees and great sea scenery, it also has other charms like the formation of local buffalos. These tame animals come to the location for grassing and tourists can even get near to them without any worries. Make sure to take some pictures of them, though.

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How to Get There
Cemara Beach belongs to Jerowaru Sub-District in Indonesia. That means a trip from Mataram City may take about 1 hour and 40 minutes. It can be more than that if travelers come by a private car or during the low tide.

Where to Stay

  • Ekas Breaks Inn
  • Bumbangku Beach Cottages
  • Karar Lombok Boutique Hotel

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