Gili Sudak in West Sekotong Sub-District, Lombok Island - Indonesia

The main island of Lombok is the home of Mataram City and other famous tourist attractions. However, more small islands reside near to it. For example, it is Gili Sudak. Gili means “island” in Sasak Language, actually. In terms of geographic, Sudak is located in Medang Village and it belongs to West Sekotong Sub-District in Indonesia. What makes it special, though? The island is famous for its unspoiled nature and cleanliness. This explains why Sudak becomes a top choice as compared to other small gilis in West Lombok. People also come to the island to spend a peaceful holiday, too!

The Nuance
Despite the small size, Sudak provides the best things nature can give. These include the pristine beach, amazing sea scenery, comfy wind, and much more. Not to mention the island is easy to reach from the mainland. Another important feature of the island is the presence of the beach that comes with a resort. That means visitors can spend a day or two in such beautiful site while enjoying comfortable facilities of the resort. Not to mention a beautiful sunset appears in the dusk, providing a romantic moment for couples or everyone.

Exploring Gili Sudak
The first thing people can do in Gili Sudak is definitely relaxing. The serene atmosphere of the island becomes the best thing tourists can enjoy there. Even the wind of the beach feels quite soothing! That means it suits the need to get away from daily routines, especially working. In this case, tourists should choose the resort as their checkpoint during the holiday! Not only the resort provides facilities, it gives reliable information to everyone who wants to get around Sudak or nearby gilis as well. Despite the price, it is a worthy expense for sure.

The next activity to enjoy is to explore the sea scenery. That means tourists are allowed to conduct water sports like snorkeling or diving to see the charms of the underwater sea like fishes and corals. Even starfishes are seen there. Have no worries. The water provides good visibility and warm feeling, so it is considered safe for beginners. Still, it is better to do snorkeling in a group or with an experienced person. As an alternative, they can simply go swimming and enjoy the warm sea water.

In the shoreline of Gili Sudak, tourists can sit and relax under the lush pine trees! It is a good thing to do during the hot weather, actually. The breeze of the wind and the shady spot would make everyone comfortable. Not to mention tourists should drink fresh coconut water during such activity. Later in the afternoon, they can enjoy the sunset which appears beautifully on the horizon.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
From Mataram City, it only takes about an hour to reach Sekotong Sub-District. Once they arrive at Medang Village, they need to spend about several minutes to cross the sea by traditional boat. A good resort welcomes them in Sudak, later. The whole trip is considered comfortable and interesting as tourists might enjoy the lush nature.

Where to Stay
Gili Sudak Resort

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