Are Guling Beach in Tumpak Village, Lombok Island - Indonesia

The best reason to visit Lombok Island is to visit the beaches. The fact is that many stunning beaches reside in that beautiful island and one of them is called Are Guling. The location is near to Kuta and Mawun Beach and it belongs to Tumpak Village. Here is the good thing. The beach has not been included into the official tourist spots in Lombok. That means tourists do not need to pay the entry fee to enjoy its peaceful nuance and amazing sea scenery. People can choose the beach as the alternative to other famous shorelines.

The Nuance
What about the condition of Are Guling Beach, actually? In a nutshell, the beach looks modest and features mostly the white sand. The sea water owns calm and luring ambiance, as well. Despite the regular appearance, tourists can find something unique in a particular part of the beach. It is a small island called Gili Nusa, residing in the east part of the shoreline. People can even reach such spot easily without a boat because the island is connected to the beach directly.

Exploring Are Guling Beach
Once tourists arrive at the beach, they can choose various activities to do. First, it is relaxation. The impression given by Are Guling Beach is definitely amazing. These include the soft white sand featuring rocky landscape and some coral reefs. Not to mention the breezy wind and calm sea may soothe everyone’s feeling during the relaxation. This explains why the beach is suitable to eradicate stresses or simply get away from daily routines. Both the locals and foreigners can take benefits of such serenity, for sure.

The next famous feature of Are Guling Beach is the hill residing near to the shoreline. According to the locals, it consists of valuable agate formed due to the sea water erosion. The most recognized one is called Suiseki Stone that comes with a unique shape! However, tourists can only see it in the afternoon, especially during the low tide. As an alternative, there is Gili Nusa which can be reached by foot during the low tide, as well. It is the good spot to find numerous exotic sea creatures like starfishes!

Another popular activity to do in Are Guling is to rent a traditional villa that resides in the nearby hill. From the site, tourists can see breathtaking sea scenery with its exotic beach! On top of that, the sunset appears the best from the villa. Even though it costs some money, such experience and perks never disappoint everyone. Thus, make sure to come with enough money to get those benefits. The money is required to buy some snacks and drinks too, after all.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
First, travelers need to go to Pujut Sub-District and it can be done from Mataram City in Indonesia. The distance is about 50 km so the trip takes about 1 hour by local transportation service. Once they get to Pujut, the next destination is Tumpak Village where the beach resides.

Where to Stay

  • D’Praya Lombok Hotel
  • The Jayakarta Lombok
  • Kila Senggigi
  • Aerotel Mandalika

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