Gili Genting in Central Sekotong Sub-District, West Lombok Regency - Indonesia

The main island of Lombok is indeed the best charm of the region. That does not mean tourists should ignore the gilis or small islands like Genting, though. Gili Genting is located in Raya Pelangan Street and it belongs to Central Sekotong Sub-District. Even though it is called a small island, tourists can visit it even without a boat. Thanks to the strategic location. Visitors won’t spend too much time to reach and the island and they can enjoy the vacation right away. They usually spend some time to conduct photography and relaxation in the island, actually.

The Nuance
The meaning of Gili Genting is “the cute island”. In Sasak Language, it is called Pulau Mungil / Imut due to its petite size. In fact, the size is smaller than other gilis and the shape is similar to a giant tongue. When it comes to nature, the island is surrounded by trees and feature light brown sandy beach. The sea does not even have strong waves so it is suitable for swimming or playing in the water. From the island, tourists can see the formation of hills and mountains clearly too.

Exploring Gili Genting Island
Gili Genting’s best lure is the location, which is only about hundreds of meters from the capital of Lombok Island. During the low tide, tourists can cross the strait even without a boat. Though, it requires a boat to reach the island during high tide. Once they reach Genting, they can see Elaq-Elaq Cape right away. The unique shape of the cape and its pristine condition would amaze everyone, for sure. No wonder, it often becomes the best object for photography.

The next charm of Gili Genting is the panorama. These include the calm sea, serene beach, Elaq-Elaq, a petite island, etc. The best views appear if tourists see them from the top of the hill that resides on the island. It takes some time to reach the top, but rewarding. Another majestic panorama is definitely the Agung Mountain which can be seen from afar in the east part of Genting. A nearby island called Lontar is also seen in the same direction! On top of that, tourists can witness the hypnotizing sunset at dusk with the color combination of yellow and pink.

What is next? Gili Genting is known for the soothing sea. The calm waves lure everyone to get in the water and enjoy swimming, which is also a recommended tourist activity in Genting. The only consideration is that visitors should carry extra clothes and some foods during the vacation. It is because the island does not feature any facilities or accommodations.

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How to Get There
The distance between Mataram City (the capital of Lombok) and Gili Genting Island is 70 km. Tourists only need to take a local transportation service and head to Central Sekotong Sub-District. For a faster trip, they can rent a car and head right away to Raya Pelangan Street. Once reaching the strait, they can go either by vehicle or foot to reach the island. Make sure to come during the low tide, though.

Where to Stay

  • Tanjungan Bukit Lodge
  • Coral Palms
  • Nirvana Gili Hotel

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