Witnessing The Natural Tranquility from Merese Hill

Thinking about the beautiful places of Lombok, there are hundreds or maybe thousands of them. After one spot becomes popular, there will be another spot that is found and make the travelers and tourists tempted to visit the new spot. One of the newly popularized place that more people are talking about is a hill called Merese. Probably for some people, this is the first time that they hear about this place, but it’s a huge mistake if we choose to ignore this wonderful place.

Merese Hill is located in the southern part of Pujut area in Central Lombok. This hill is still in the same area with Tanjung Aan Beach. It can be easily reached by cars or motorbikes, the drive takes about one and a half hour from Mataram, the capital city of Lombok. It takes 30 minutes from the airport. The road towards Merese Hill is well built and smooth, and don’t forget to also witness some beautiful landscape of open green area with farm animals, crop plantations, and traditional houses along the way. To reach Merese Hill, Tanjung Aan is the right path to start.

Doing the little hiking to get the mesmerized view from the top of the hill becomes one price you should pay. But do not worry, it would be paid off with something you will amaze. Walking through the track towards top of the hill takes quite an effort. It is quite tiring for some, however when the moment you open your eyes and look around, all you can really see is nothing but a wonderful view of Lombok’s beautiful nature. That is the natural vibe that people would get right after they reach the top of this hill.

From the top of the hill, you can see the corals that are submerged by the crystal blue water. Besides the clear view of the sea, the land of Merese Hill is surrounded by other smaller hills with a huge carpet of fresh and green grass. You can also spot other beaches clearly that are located around Tanjung Aan, such as Gili Anak Anjakan, Batu Payung, and Seger Beach. Such an amazing view indeed. Another unique thing from Merese Hill is that we can see herd of buffalos, cows, and goats. Nearby farmers usually bring their cattle to this area to eat the fresh green grass.

Among all those wonderful views you can get in this hill, one of the most favorite little activities of the tourists is witnessing the incredible view of either sunrise or sunset. Adoring the beautiful phenomenon like sunrise or sunset at the beautiful place like Merese Hill will complete your unforgettable trip in Lombok. In one place, travelers can find beautiful beaches, green hills, and different kind of animals that can be a very pleasing experience for anybody.

How to get there:
As the previous explanation that the right path to begin your hike to this Bukit Merese is from Tanjung Ann, you can reach Tanjung Aan using your own private car. It takes half and an hour from Mataram. The route you should remember is Mataram – Cakranegara – Kediri – Praya – Batuntale – Sengkol – Rambitan – Sade – Kuta and you have to continue till you arrive at Tanjung Aan. If you are coming from other cities and stop by at Lombok International Airport, you can take a public transportation to Sengkol. Then, you have to change to another angkot that will bring you to Kuta Beach in Kuta. It’s only 3 km from Kuta to get to Tanjung Aan.

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