Keliuw Beach in Central Lombok Regency, Indonesia

When visiting Lombok Island, tourists should never forget to come to Mandalika Tourist Spot. It is the center of natural attractions for everyone to explore. One of them is called Keliuw Beach, which is a secluded place where people can relax and eradicate stresses. Despite lacking visitors, the beach is known among passionate travelers especially those who are looking for a place to get inspiration and peace. Not to mention the waves are considered calm so everyone can enjoy water sports like swimming and snorkeling. Here is a further discussion regarding the beach.

The Nuance
As mentioned before, Keliuw Beach resides in a secluded location. It even features hills and lush trees. The sand is white, but the shoreline is considered short. When it comes to the sea water, it is calm and the waves are moderate. In some parts of the beach, small reefs are seen clearly. Those are the locations where tourists usually conduct photography and fishing. Another important feature is the wind, which is comfortable and warm. The Zephyr feels great as well! The only disappointment is that no facilities are available on the site.

Exploring Keliuw Beach
Keliuw is one of the best beaches tourists can find in Mandalika Tourist Spot, apart from Tanjung Aan, Gerupuk, Serenting, and Kuta. Still, it owns a unique characteristic. Keliuw is the only beach that does not have many visitors. That means the visitors can enjoy an unspoiled nuance without any disturbances. What they can hear is only the sound of the waves and some birds in the forest. In a nutshell, the beach is suitable for citizens who want to escape from their daily working routines. No wonder, some tourists are seen during weekends and holidays on the site.

The next fun activity to do in Keliuw Beach is fishing. As mentioned before, some parts of the beach feature rocks and reefs. Those are the best spots to sit while fishing, actually. However, make sure to come during the low tide so the fishes are easy to catch. What is next? Apart from it, hiking becomes an alternative for those who do not like fishing. It is because the beach resides near to green hills where tourists can explore. Once they get to the top of the hills, they are able to witness more splendid views of sea scenery.

Another recommended activity to do in Keliuw Beach is photography. The formation of reefs, waves, and hills become a perfect background for a photo shoot, actually. Not to mention the sun views look amazing on the site. Knowing this fact, everyone should carry a camera when visiting the beach. Not to mention they must come carry snacks and bottled drinks as no facilities are seen there.

Nearby Attractions

  • Gerupuk Village
  • Tanjung Aan Beach
  • Panjai Serenting

How to Get There
The first destination is Mataram City, which is the capital of Lombok. From there, tourists need to take about 30 minutes to reach Mandalika Tourist Spot. The beach resides near to that area and distance is approximately 5 km. As for the route, travelers can take Pejanggik and Selaparang Street.

Where to Stay

  • Santika Mataram Hotel
  • Grand Legi Hotel
  • Astoria Hotel

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