Gerupuk Fishery in Center Lombok Regency, Lombok Island - Indonesia

Lombok Island becomes a popular vacation destination in a beautiful nation Indonesia. A particular area is called Mandalika and it offers numerous types of attractions. For instance, it is Gerupuk Fishery, which is located in Center Lombok Regency, Indonesia. As the name suggests, the site has been used to cultivate fishes by the locals. As for the tourists, the site can be an alternative when spending a vacation in Lombok Island. That means visitors can see directly how the locals maintain and cultivate the fishes. Not to mention they have the chance to learn about the technique.

The Nuance
The site where the locals build “Kerapu” (fish containers) is in Gerupuk Cape. They have the permission to conduct such activity as the government also supports it. Apart from the fishes, they also cultivate other products like seaweed. The location is considered supportive and suitable to conduct such activity, actually. These include the ideal characteristics of the beach, which are sloppy, deep, and clean. Not only tourists can witness fishery activity, they can also explore Gerupuk Cape and its stunning scenery. No one would regret coming to Gerupuk, for sure.

Exploring Gerupuk Fishery
Perhaps not all tourists are interested in the fishery. However, many local families often bring their kids to watch and learn about such activity. Some good villagers even explain regarding the technique and how they perform their work. In this case, tourists should carry a camera to capture good moments and some fishes! They can also take selfies in front of the Kerapu. As long as they do not disturb the workers, they can do almost everything on the site.

Apart from learning how to cultivate fishes, visitors can enjoy other activities like beach walking. The stunning beauty of Gerupuk Cape is enough to amaze them, after all. The soft texture of the sand won’t hurt their feet even though they go barefoot! Another consideration is that they should come in the morning (when the atmosphere feels refreshing and nice). On top of that, the charming sunrise makes them rejuvenated at once prior to exploring the site.

At the end of the adventure, tourists are allowed to buy some fresh fishes on the location. The best part is that the price is way much cheaper than other places like in the market. For some species of fishes, though, the price is more expensive as they are considered rare and valuable. In this case, make sure to carry enough money to buy the fishes or purchase some souvenirs on the way back home. It is likely they need to use the money to rent a room for spending the night in Central Lombok Regency, Indonesia.

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How to Get There
For those coming from Mataram City of Indonesia, they need to spend about 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach Central Lombok Regency. Their next destination is Gerupuk Cape where the fishery site is located. The whole trip takes a particular route, which is Lombok International Airport Bypass Street, actually.

Where to Stay

  • Dmax Hotel
  • Inlight Lombok
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  • Novotel Hotel

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