Selong Belanak Beach in Penunjak Village, Central Lombok Regency - Indonesia

The charm of Lombok Island has been acknowledged by both local and foreign tourists. It is a good alternative to Bali Island and becomes the home of tons of beaches. As for the reference, it is Selong Belanak Beach. The location is in Penunjak Village and it belongs to Central Lombok Regency. It is a good destination for those who want to bond with either friends or families and do beach activities like playing in the sand, maritime photography, swimming, BBQ, or simply relaxing. So, what are the other charms of the beach?

The Nuance
The best time to visit the beach is during the good weather. This way, the sky looks beautiful and the atmosphere feels so warm, especially in summer. Next, it is the sea. The waves are moderate so the water is considered safe for swimming or snorkeling. Not to mention it features crystal clear water with excellent visibility. What about the shoreline? The sand has the color of white and the texture is soft. In the horizon, tourists can see majestic hills that come with lush trees. Another feature of Selong Belanak Beach is the presence of local food vendors who sell fishes, snacks, and drinks to tourists. They build a tent near to the shoreline and conduct the business there.

Exploring Selong Belanak Beach
It is safe to say Selong Belanak comes with an unspoiled nature. However, that does not make it a virgin beach because lots of tourists and locals have explored it for years. Most of the visitors are those who want to go swimming and beach walking during holidays, actually. They also come with their friends or families to make it merrier and more fun. As for the tip, carrying a mat is a good idea!

Apart from enjoying water sports, tourists can do other things like a picnic and photography. Even the sea scenery is worth a photo shoot and tourists can take selfies with the background of it. The next recommended objects are the hills that surround the beach. They look peaceful from afar and become a good collection of photography as well. Another good object is the formation of Inaq-Inaq (local vendors’ tents) residing near to the shoreline. The activities of those sellers are good to capture, too.

Eating grilled fishes in the afternoon becomes the next popular activity to do in Selong Belanak Beach. Tourists do not need to carry the BBQ equipment or the fishes to enjoy such activity, though. It is because local sellers have provided these for them. What tourists need to do is to spend some money to enjoy the fishes. After eating, they can spend more money to rent a local boat and get around the beach wholeheartedly.

Nearby Attractions

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  • Mawi Beach
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  • Meru Temple

How to Get There
Selong Belanak Beach resides in Penunjak Village. For those coming from Mataram City in Indonesia, they may spend about 1 hour to reach the village as the distance is 33 km. Before that, they must come to West Praya Sub-District.

Where to Stay

  • Golden Palace Hotel
  • Werdhi Guesthouse
  • Aerotel Hotel

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