Visiting Gili Gede in Lombok, Indonesia

Visiting Gili Gede should be in all travelers’ agenda when conducting a vacation in Lombok Island, Indonesia. Gede belongs to the list of Secret Gilis (Asahan, Ringgit, and Layan) and it is considered the most famous one as compared to others. This island is located in the southwest of Lombok and it features better options of accommodations for tourists to enjoy. With such facilities and resorts, tourists can enjoy a slow pace of nature either for a family vacation, honeymoon, or other purposes. This explains why Gili Gede has more visitors than nearby gilis, especially during long weekends.

The Nuance
Despite the secluded location and small size (but the biggest among Sekotong Gilis), tourists have no doubt to visit Gili Gede. They are impressed by nature and facilities provided there. Even some locals are often seen in the location, especially in the sea, to catch fishes! Most of them belong to Sasak Tribe and are still practicing old traditions. Yet, some of them are good in speaking English and often help foreign tourists to get around the island effectively. On top of that, they are quite friendly to everyone.

Exploring Gili Gede
Some tourists may have realized the fact that most of the gilis in Sekotong are considered Party Island or the place to enjoy a merry vacation. Unlike the siblings, Gili Gede features a more modest nuance but has rich natural resources. The locals take advantage of abundant fishes and pearls and make them as the primary regional income. The presence of 5 villages in Gili Gede makes it reliable to tourists, as well. That means visitors can easily find foods and drinks during their adventure. Not to mention good accommodations are available.

After visiting the local settlement, tourists can do the next activity, which is sunbathing. The slow pace of the beach creates a peaceful atmosphere to the site where tourists often conduct the activity. The north coast of Gili Gede is famous for its coral and white sand beach, while the west coast features both mudflats and mangroves. All of them, though, is worth a visit! Exploring all beaches in Gede does not take much time, after all.

Another charm of Gili Gede is its activity. Despite the serene nuance, the villagers work hard to earn money by exploiting the pearls and numerous fishes in the sea. For tourists, it is a good thing as they can witness the local activities and take some pictures of them. Genuine smiles of the villagers and passionate local kids would impress tourists during such adventure, too. Later, in the afternoon, they can visit some good spots to enjoy the stunning sunset while eating local dishes like Taliwang Chicken!

Nearby Attractions

  • Gili Layan
  • Gili Ringgit
  • Gili Asahan

How to Get There
The best thing is that tourists can use any type of vehicle to reach Gili Gede. The location is in Sekotong Sub-District and it takes about 2 hours from Mataram City. Later, travelers need to rent a speedboat in order to approach the island. The voyage takes more minutes if tourists go by a traditional boat, though.

Where to Stay

  • Madak Belo
  • Yut Inn
  • Via Vacare

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