Batujai Dam in West Praya Sub-District, Central Lombok Regency - Indonesia

Not many tourists have heard about Batujai Dam in Lombok Island in Indonesia. It is because the structure has not become an official tourist spot of the region. However, both the beauty and nuance are good enough to satisfy any visitors. The location is in Batujai Village and it belongs to West Praya Sub-District, actually. The dam is built in Penunjak River that flows from Kundo Mountain to Lombok Strait. In a nutshell, the structure has the regular function of a dam but it has gained the interest of tourists recently. People come to the site to see the river and explore the majestic shape of the dam. Some of them also visit the dam in order to conduct photography.

The Nuance
Once tourists arrive at Batujai Dam, they might see the calm water of the Penunjak River. The length of the river is about 54 km, actually. Not to mention the river has a high debt of water, especially during the rainy season. This explains why the government decided to buy the dam in order to store the water. During the hot season, the locals can take advantage of the water to irrigate their farms and prevent drought. When it comes to history, it was inaugurated in 1976 by the second president of Indonesia (Soeharto). In terms of size, it does not look quite big though.

Exploring Batujai Dam
Even though the basic function of Batujai Dam is to provide water for nearby farms, it has been visited by tourists who come to Lombok as well. The locals also take advantage of the dam to cultivate fishes and retain the ecosystem. Not to mention people use the dam to store water supply for daily needs. What is next? The site provides a good panorama, which tourists can enjoy too. These include the serene atmosphere and good facilities especially “warung” (local food stores).

Apart from sightseeing, Batujai Dam can be used as a place for a family vacation. Thanks to the presence of the fishing spot. Visitors are allowed to fish even though they need to carry their own fishing equipment. It is true not many big fishes live in the river, but tourists won’t get disappointed with the activity. It helps them to eradicate their stresses as well! No wonder citizens often use the dam as a place for relaxing or a destination to gather with their families.

The best time to come to Batujai Dam is either during holidays or a big Islamic Day like Idul Fitri. As for the tip, tourists need to come with enough money as they may use it to buy snacks and drinks, later. If it is necessary, they should wear a hat or comfortable clothes, especially during the hot weather. Another consideration is regarding the option of accommodation. In order to enjoy the most comfortable night, renting the best hotel room is quite recommended.

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How to Get There
The prime checkpoint in Lombok Island is Mataram City. From the location, travelers can use any local transportation service and head directly to West Praya Sub-District. Once they arrive at the site, the next destination is Batujai Village where the dam resides.

Where to Stay

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