Kaliantan Beach in Pemongkong Village, Lombok Island - Indonesia

A serene nuance is what tourists are looking for when they visit Kaliantan Beach in Lombok Island, Indonesia. The location is in the south part of East Lombok Regency and belongs to Pemongkong Village. The fact is that Kaliantan is one of the prime beaches of the island and it has been visited by both local and foreign tourists. Apart from the tranquility, people are interested to come to the location in order to witness a famous tradition called Bau Nyale. Such annual event becomes the signature tradition of Sasak Tribe and it is done either in Kaliantan or Kuta Lombok Beach, after all.

The Nuance
In terms of beauty, Kaliantan Beach is similar to other beaches in Lombok Island. It features the white sand and comes with crystal clear sea water. A big coral hill also resides on the site, which can be a great photography object. In the horizon, some small coral islands are also seen clearly. What about the waves? They are considered calm and suitable for snorkeling. Even tourists do not need any gear to swim in the water! On top of that, the atmosphere is quite peaceful due to the presence of breezy wind and pristine nature. Even though tourists come during weekends, not many people are seen on the location so the beach would feel so comfortable and serene.

Exploring Kaliantan Beach
The main attraction of Kaliantan Beach is indeed Bau Nyale Ceremony. It is conducted by the locals once a year and usually in February. With such fact, tourists should have prepared their schedule and come to the beach at the right time if they do not want to miss the ceremony. During the event, they also learn a bit about the culture of Sasak Tribe and the meaning of Bau Nyale. During the event, the beach becomes more crowded than ever but it turns back to normal once the ceremony is finished.

Two different nuances are available for tourists to enjoy in Kaliantan Beach. First, they can enjoy the tranquil vacation in regular days. It is the best time for those who are looking for relaxation and peace, actually. Another option is the merry nuance when Bau Nyale is conducted. It is more suitable for those who look for a party-like vacation, which is also filled with traditional sensation.

The next important information is regarding the geographic condition of Kaliantan Beach. Apart from the beautiful shoreline, some trees grow near to the location, creating a comfortable atmosphere for relaxation. Later, at noon, visitors can go snorkeling and enjoy the warm water. Even some fishes are seen clearly underwater. Thanks to the amazing visibility.

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How to Get There
Kaliantan Beach resides in the south part of East Lombok Regency and the distance is 72 km from Mataram City. Not to mention it belongs to Jerowaru Sub-District and resides near to Pemongkong Village. It features good accommodations and other tourist attractions, too.

Where to Stay

  • Ekas Breaks Inn
  • Bumbangku Beach Cottages
  • Karar Lombok Boutique Hotel

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