Prabu Dundang Mountain in Pujut Sub-District, Lombok Island - Indonesia

Despite the small size, Lombok Island never fails to impress tourists. Thanks to the presence of the beaches and other natural attractions in Indonesia. More travelers are interested to come to the island either to conduct a vacation or an adventure. Well, Lombok is not all about beaches. Some great mountains also reside there. For example, it is Prabu Dundang Mountain. It is located in Pujut Sub-District and belongs to Central Lombok Regency. From the top of the mountain, tourists can see the flawless scenery of the sea and beach. That means Prabu Dundang is suitable for sightseeing and trekking.

The Nuance
It is true the views from Dundang Mountain are breathtaking. The only thing that matters is the accessibility, which is quite extreme! The route is narrow and it only suits small vehicles like bikes and motorcycles. Not to mention rocky landscapes and hilly areas surround the location. In order to avoid problems, all tourists should have a good stamina when exploring Dundang. Have no worries. Such difficulty is worth the effort as tourists would be blessed with amazing scenery later. Not to mention passionate trekkers can enjoy the activity wholeheartedly.

Exploring Prabu Dundang Mountain
The main charm of Prabu Dundang Mountain is definitely its challenging route. Tourists are impressed by the landscape so they can enjoy the adventure well. Along the way to the location, they can see numerous types of local birds which are beautiful and unique. Apart from such attraction, trekkers can feel the breezy wind during trekking. After arriving at the gate of Prabu Mountain, their next destination is Dundang Hill. It is the spot where they can enjoy the best scenery!

From the top of Dundang Hill, visitors can see numerous landscapes or attractions like Merese Hill, Seger Beach, and Kuta Lombok Beach. A big rock resides on which tourists usually take selfies and enjoy sightseeing. Somehow, the site is also suitable to spend a romantic moment with the special one. It even feels better during the sunset, which emits both tranquil and soothing nuance. One thing, the site becomes crowded on weekends so make sure to come at the right time to enjoy its serenity.

Another popular activity to do in Prabu Dundang Mountain is photography. With all those amazing views, all tourists are likely to carry a camera during the visit. They want to capture natural objects like the sea, dense trees, birds, beach, sun views, and much more. On top of that, they can take selfies and brag them to their friends or families later. As long as they use the right camera and visit the best spot, they are good to go. Make sure to wear comfortable footwear, as well.

Nearby Attractions

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How to Get There
The fact is that Dundang Hill is located in Prabu Mountain. From Mataram City Indonesia, travelers only need to head to Pujut Sub-District in Central Lombok. The distance is about 50 km so the trip might take about 2 hours by motorcycle. The route is Mataram – Kuta Lombok – Dundang Hill. It is going to be a short and comfortable trip, as well.

Where to Stay

  • D’Praya Lombok Hotel
  • The Jayakarta Lombok
  • Kila Senggigi
  • Aerotel Mandalika

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