Gili Sunut in East Lombok Regency, Indonesia

When it is about Lombok Island Indonesia, lots of people might recall three famous small islands that are located near to the main island called Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan. Still, another Gili is also available despite the unpopularity. The name is Gili Sunut. It is located in Pemongkong Village and belongs to Jerowaru Sub-District. In terms of administrative area, Gili Sunut belongs to East Lombok Regency. It is true, not many tourists have ever heard about Sunut. Despite the fact, it remains a good alternative to other Gilis as it offers similar beauty and tranquility.

The Nuance
Even though Gili Sunut is considered a small island, tourists do not need to use a boat to reach the site. That means they can directly visit the island by either foot or vehicle. One thing, the crossing is only allowed during the low tide. At the time the sand might appear as the sea water goes away. That path connects Lombok and Sunut, actually. During the high tide, it is also possible to reach the island but it won’t be comfortable! Another important tip is related to the inhabitants of the island. About a hundred of families lived on the island and most of them work as a fisherman. However, the government had relocated them to Jerowaru in order to provide better facilities and living.

Exploring Gili Sunut Indonesia
Tourists can do many things in Gili Sunut. For the example, sunbathing is popular as the location features ideal heat to do such activity. This can be done on the beach located in the back of the island. Featuring white comfortable sand and breezy wind, no one can deny the comfort of sunbathing in Sunut. Apart from it, other activities can be done like swimming, snorkeling, and building a sand castle. The beach features sloping landscape and calm waves, after all. Even families with kids are allowed to play in the water comfortably.

What makes the waves in Gili Sunut safe for swimming? It is because the island is surrounded by other islands. Thus, they prevent the big waves from getting near Sunut. Have no worries. Other fun activities are available for those cannot swim, especially banana split. This can be done either with friends or families. Despite the fee, it becomes a worthy expense during the holiday. Not to mention they can give a good memory to kids.

What is more? Another fun thing to do in Gili Sunut is to climb the small hill located in the north of the island. It takes only several minutes to reach the top of the hill. From the site, tourists can enjoy better views of nature! It even provides them an opportunity to explore the hill with its vast savanna. After conducting trekking, another important thing to do in Sunut is to visit the pearl cultivation located in the east part of the island. Buying those charming pearls is also possible, even with cheap price!

How to Get There
The distance between Mataram City and Gili Sunut is about 75 km. From Lombok International Airport in Indonesia, tourists might take about 1 hour and 30 minutes. The only consideration is that the route is not quite perfect. It can even take longer than usual due to the bad condition of the street.

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