Lembar Beach in Cemare Village, West Lombok Regency - Indonesia

When visiting Lombok Island, tourists should not forget to visit Lembar Beach! The location is in Cemare Village and it belongs to Lembar Sub-District. The popularity is growing and it gets more visitors over time, in fact. It is because people are impressed by the cleanliness, charm, comfort, and pristine of the site. They also say the beach becomes a good spot for witnessing the activity of the locals, especially fishing. It is because lots of villagers work as fishermen and come to the sea for catching fishes. As for tourists, such activity becomes a distinct attraction they can enjoy during the visit.

The Nuance
In terms of nuance, Lembar Beach is both peaceful and clean. In the east part of the location, mangroves grow abundantly and it often becomes a popular spot for exploration. Near to the beach, a local village resides where many fishermen live. No wonder, these people are often seen in the sea riding their boat for fishing. Even though the beach is not suitable for swimming, visitors can enjoy other activities like relaxation and exploration. Photography is also recommended there.

Exploring Lembar Beach
The fact is that Lembar Beach connects to Lombok Strait. This explains why many boats are seen on the see, either fishermen’s boats or ferries. Somehow, it becomes a good view which is also worth a photo shoot. Another stunning view is the presence of a stunning sunset in the afternoon. Such sun sets beautifully behind the grandiose Agung Mountain of Bali! The best part is that the nuance of the beach is tranquil. It helps everyone to relieve stresses while watching those amazing views, too.

The most famous spot in Lembar Beach is the east part where mangroves grow. Tourists can explore the location and take some pictures of such vegetation. The next activity is canoeing or boat riding. It is possible to rent it from the locals and explore the beach with it, in fact. The rent fee is various but it is usually cheap, as long as tourists know how to bargain. As an alternative, they can pay some money to the owner of the boat and ask them to bring you to nearby small islands (gilis).

What is next? Lembar Beach is also popular among those who love fishing. The fishes are abundant so it is likely everyone can catch some and bring them back home. If not, visitors can visit a famous sacred tomb that resides near to the beach. In fact, lots of locals come to the site during Islamic Holidays and Idul Fitri. Make sure not to cause troubles on such sacred site, though.

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How to Get There
The distance between Mataram City and Lembar Sub-District is only 17.1 km. That means the trip only takes about 40 minutes or less. From Lembar, tourists can simply head to Cemare Village and visit the beach right away. When it comes to the route, they can take Gajah Mada Street.

Where to Stay

  • Puri Indah Hotel
  • Golden Palace Hotel
  • Grand Hotel

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